Sõpruse Office

Class A office building with all comforts for successful business

The Sõpruse Office Building is situated on the verdant Sõpruse Avenue near Tallinn’s city centre. The office building is home to several companies that value its excellent location, convenient access, parking facilities and peaceful surrounds. Private entry is through three separate entrances and  visitors are greeted with a spacious lobby with lifts to the upper floors.

To ensure a modern working environment, an investment in the Sõpruse Office Building’s energy efficiency has been made over the past few years, including the erection of a solar energy and CHP plant and the installation of LED lighting. In autumn 2019, the building was awarded the international BREEAM IN-USE CERTIFICATION for environmentally friendly buildings. This is an international mark of quality that confirms the landlord´s contributions to a better indoor climate and work environment.

145 Sõpruse Avenue, Tallinn
Number of floors
Rental space
13,072 m²
Parking spaces
347, including 282 in a parking garage. 70 parking spaces for visitors in front and alongside the building

Facilities for successful business activities:

  • Room-specific climate control
  • Forced ventilation ensures optimal indoor climate
  • Advanced communication, security and access systems
  • Each office is equipped with a toilet and with the option of a kitchenette
  • 24/7 access to the office building for tenants
  • Energy-saving combined heating solutions
  • More discreet entry in three sections, 2 lifts for each section
  • Flexible space solutions, rental space from 75 m²
  • Large parking house together with car hand wash service
  • Free, enclosed bicycle parking with dressing and shower rooms
  • Fast charger for e-cars
  • Office spaces with terraces on top floor
  • Option to install your illuminated logo on facade
  • Services from all communications service providers can be used in the building

Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions

The Sõpruse Office Building is one of the few office buildings in Estonia that can boast both solar panels and a cogeneration plant that supply the building with electricity directly. Since the solar-power plant generates electricity mostly in the summer, and the natural gas-fired combined heat and power plant operates mostly in the winter, the combination is ideal for maximising local electricity generation throughout the year. In addition, more energy-efficient technical systems have recently been invested in, and energy-saving LED lighting has been installed in the common  areas of the building. In 2019, the Sõpruse Office Building was rated as Very Good under the international BREEAM IN-USE CERTIFICATION for environmentally friendly buildings. This is an international mark of quality that confirms the  landlord´s contributions to a better indoor climate and work environment.


Sõpruse Bistro welcomes patrons with a refurbished interior and improved kitchen facilities. The bistro, located in the building’s A section, offers both breakfast and lunch and is perfect for more informal work meetings. Sõpruse Bistro features a daily menu of homemade and delicious meals and, if required, also offers catering services. Its rooms can be rented for private events.

Main tenants

Our larger tenants include Elisa, IMG Numeri, Arrow, Valio, Unimed Dental Clinic, Gjensidige Insurance, Henkel, Tallinna Loomakliinik, DataCatering, ALD Automotive and FLEX Sülearvutikeskus.

Vacant premises

Convenient access and parking

The office building is located on a main road, Sõpruse Avenue, that provides quick access to the city centre and good public transport links with the city centre as well as other residential areas. There are bus and trolleybus stops only 100 metres away, and there is also a supermarket nearby. The building is also within a 5-kilometre radius of TalTech university, Viru Square, the Port of Tallinn, the airport and the central bus station.

The office building is situated in the city’s free parking district. There are 282 parking spaces available for tenants in a closed and secure parking garage, plus parking areas behind and alongside the building. For visitors, there are 70 parking spaces in the customer parking lot located in front of and alongside the building, where visitors can park for up to three hours for free. To do so, visitors must register their vehicle at the parking machine located in the lobby on the ground floor of each section.



145 Sõpruse Ave, 13417 Tallinn / Tel: +372 5680 5404 / E-mail: andrei.kokk@kapitel.ee